Hello, I am Darrell “Coach D” Andrews!

For 2 decades, I have been working with individuals, organizations, schools, colleges and businesses globally to help establish accountability systems that lead to achievement of overall goals and objectives. I am internationally renowned for helping people develop new mindsets and paradigms that lead to achievement of outcomes they once deemed not possible. Via speaking, personal and organizational coaching and consultant, me and my team of experts help out customers merge motivation with real world strategies to produce amazing results. I have worked with thousands of individuals and over 2500 organizations and businesses in the span of 20 years. I delayed putting up this website due to the sheer number of people who are calling themselves experts these days with no real world experience. Please do not think this is one of those sites. Our work is strategic and time tested. We not only work with you to achieve your business, career and personal goals, we partner with you to do as such. This is my God Given mission!

Major Accomplishments!

-Took an idea for workforce development and turned it into one of the most effective workforce development businesses in the -USA!
-Authored 8 best selling books
-Have been invited to speak at over 300 conferences as a keynote speaker globally
-Interviewed on countless radio and television stations nationally
-Created goal and team success systems that are being used in businesses and organizations nationally
-Created a coaching model that has helped countless coaching clients and mentees achieve over the top results
-Most Important-Happily Married for 23 years and the proud father of 4 amazing children

My Experiences!

My coaching systems are designed to be introspective and relevant. My customers, be it a business, organization or individual—walk away with breakthrough mindsets and paradigms regarding the achievement of long desired goals and objectives. We have helped our clients accomplish a variety of goals ranging from building successful businesses to authoring books and developing profitable speaking careers. We are not a sage on the stage, as a coach we can only direct and guide, but we can help you press through and build a foundation to your goals and objectives. Organizationally, we have helped out customers build cultures of success, increase team synergy and overcome barriers to growth and development. Our work spans multiple marketplaces.

  • Information packed practical coaching and development.
  • Practical learning experience with real world application and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.